About the Book

Addicted to Certainty:

The Journey of a Twice-Recovering Fundamentalist

A divorced virgin at twenty-five.

Howard Mackert gave up everything he had ever known to escape from an arranged marriage and Mormon fundamentalism, only to find he had gone out of the frying pan and into the fire-with unseen scars that would take years to heal.

As one of 31 children in a polygamist family, Howard Mackert’s childhood was far from ordinary. Here, he tells his story of growing up as a member of the Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints and part of a household with three (and later four) mothers.

But Howard’s story doesn’t end with his departure from FLDS. After his escape, he unintentionally landed in yet another fundamentalist environment, fuelled by a compulsion to find concrete answers to life’s eternal questions. It was only by discovering the unconditional acceptance and grace of God that Howard was able to forgive the past, live a life of love, and embrace the mystery of faith—without a fundamentalist addiction to certainty.

“In this fascinating read about human behavior and sub-cultures, Howard Mackert shares his unusual but real life in a vivid exposé of human dignity, pain, doubt, injustice and survival. Through it all, he emerges blessed with forgiveness and a Christian belief system that embraces humanity with love, compassion, empathy, and selflessness.” 

Kurt Grimmer, Financial Advisor, Legacy Capital Partners; Commissioner, PenMet Parks

Addicted to Certainty is the story of a very unique journey. Do you want to move forward in your own journey? Reading (and considering) Howard’s journey will help you on yours.” 

Dennis Fuqua, Director, International Renewal Ministries; Former Pastor, Peninsula Christian Fellowship

About the Author

Most people in his hometown of Gig Harbor, Washington know Howard Mackert as a successful businessman, ace mechanic, generous philanthropist, and active member of the community. What many if not most do not know is that Howard is, in his own words, a “twice recovering fundamentalist.”

Howard grew up, until the age of 25, in a fundamentalist, polygamous Mormon family in Arizona and later Utah. As a young man, he realized the frustration and powerlessness of his situation, and courageously separated himself and set out on his own. That departure was after Howard became a 25 year old divorced virgin.

Through the ups and downs chronicled in this book, Howard found his way first to Christian fundamentalism, still looking for the security of having someone provide him with the “certainty” and dogmatic answers he thought he needed. It was not long before he realized that this situation, too, was problematic.

Through it all, Howard’s upbeat, optimistic personality and no-nonsense approach to life and spirituality led him, ultimately, to a life-changing divine encounter and an entirely new worldview: love and grace. After that, there was no turning back, and since then Howard has devoted himself to living outside the box of legalism and inside the embrace of a loving Heavenly Father whose unconditional love erases the lines others want to draw around Him.

Besides his leadership role at Mackert Automotive, of which he is the owner and president, Howard is actively involved in many community support and charity endeavors, and is a frequently sought-out speaker. He is also an enthusiastic supporter of his wife Rhonda in her music career. Howard and Rhonda make their home in Gig Harbor, Washington, with their two dogs, Mieke and Keelin, two beautiful Keeshonds.

Howard and his wife, Rhonda

Addicted to Certainty author, Howard C. Mackert and his wife, Rhonda